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Best Mini Air Hockey Tables For Kids to Buy in 2023

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Staying indoors could be difficult not only for adults but for kids as well. Children could easily get bored. While playing video games could be one of the options, it is always better to select an indoor activity that is more active. Playing sports indoors should no longer be limited to board games. More fun activities can make kids and adults share and enjoy themselves together.


Getting an air hockey table would be great for families. This will help the bond between parents and children as they play the game. Even parents who are not familiar with the game can learn it with their kids. Parents who are familiar with the game can teach their kids the game.


mini air hockey tbles"



Air hockey is not limited to having family fun, this can also be a competitive game among family and friends. What is a family gathering without a little competition? There are all kinds of mini tables in the market but the question is which one you should choose. Here is a list of the mini tables you might want to consider. There is a short description and the pros and cons you might reconsider.


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Best Mini Air Hockey Tables in the Market


Hathaway Midtown 6′


Hathaway Midtown 6′ air hockey table comes in two colors, cherry wood, and dark cherry wood. The color option is good for those who are looking for an indoor mini-air hockey table that kids and adults alike would enjoy. The retro aesthetic of the air hockey table makes it perfect as a centerpiece of game rooms. Aside from the aesthetic, the tournament-quality airflow and poly-sealed surfaces are great for both novice and expert players alike.


What is great is that there is a sense of confidence in the manufacturer since they are offering a 180-day warranty. When ordering the air hockey table, they are assuring their customers that they will send a table in its best condition. They will also be sending all the accessories and parts. If any parts are missing, you are assured that they will send them or replace the air hockey table.




Hathaway Midtown 6' 




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NHL Rush Air Hockey Table for Kids


NHL Rush Air Hockey Table for Kids has the perfect size for both amateurs and experts. What makes it perfect for the kids is how secure the leg levers are. The construction of this air hockey table is known to be sturdy. It has features such as the LED manual scoring system so you do not have to be bothered by how much you have scored so far or if you forgot to take note of the recent scores you got. This is an advantage as you do not have to pause to record your score on a piece of paper or later argued how much each had scored. Another feature is the Air-Powered Play surface which makes the game better as the puck moves more smoother. What makes this air hockey table unique is the NHL logo that covers the table. This will make any child feel like they are playing hockey on the field and they are part of the NHL.


NHL Rush Air Hockey Table for Kids




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Triumph Fire and Ice


What is more exciting than playing air hockey mini tables when the lights are off? This could be one of the many challenges you can have with your friend. This is great among kids and adults alike. Who does not want some extra challenges during an overnight stay? Even among family members, this could be something that will keep everyone on their toes. The corners of the air hockey table have LED lights. The pushers and a puck also have LED lights. Extra features such as LED manual scoring are also part of it. So even in the dark, while you are playing, you know who scored better, and when the lights are on, you can celebrate your win. This is also a table that your kid can brag about with their friends. Something they can play with during their sleepovers and a great substitute for video games.


Triumph Fire and Ice 






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Triumph Lumen-X Laser


Triumph Lumen-X Laser is one of the best air hockey mini tables for kids in the market because of its interactive feature. Both sides of its railings are lighted providing more illumination when playing with the lights off. The LED lighting has cascading effects making it look like you are in a tournament. There is also built-in music in this air hockey table to elevate the experience. The strikers or pushers and the puck are also lighted so you know which way your opponent is pushing. If you are looking for a table that has consistent airflow, this one has two motors blowing so airflow is consistent. Another benefit of this table is that the surface material is PVC so it is smooth and durable. This is best suited for kids aged 8 to 11. 


Triumph Lumen-X Laser





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EastPoint Sports Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids


This air hockey mini table for kids is one of the most affordable ones in the market. This is one of the tables that is less than USD 100 but something that could be easily enjoyed by family and friends. Since this does not come with legs and could be used on any flat and leveled surface, this could easily be kept or stored when not in use. You can also carry this with you to bring over to your friend’s or other family’s home since you can easily tuck this in your car. This air hockey table may not have legs but it has all the necessary features for you to enjoy a game of air hockey. It has an electronic LED scoreboard to keep track of your progress. It also comes with two pucks and two pushers. The easy slide surface is great for novices and experts alike. So if you do not have a game room or a permanent spot for an air hockey table, this is the best option for you.



EastPoint Sports Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids





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ESPN Sports Premium Compact Air Hockey Table


ESPN Sports Premium Compact Air Hockey Table is for those who are looking for a table that is for the pro but can be used by a novice. The sleek design of this table makes it a perfect fit for those who are looking for a minimalist design. The combination of red and black makes it look both classy and sporty. Bearing the brand name ESPN shows the kind of quality that the sports company stood for. The table is sturdy, easy to use, and smooth. Kids and adults alike will enjoy using this table. It also has the features you might be looking for in an ideal mini-air hockey table, it has LED scoring, it has consistent airflow, and a smooth playfield.


ESPN Sports Premium Compact Air Hockey Table





Best Choice Products 10 in 1


Sometimes playing air hockey all the time can be quite boring and kids might want to play other games. Having several tables for all those games will not be practical. Best Choice Products 10 in one is a table that has different games. This is perfect for those who have an interest in different games. This also allows the adult to teach the young ones different games. This also allows children to gain skills for playing different sports. The more options they have the more time they would have off video games. Also, some grandparents could no longer move much so sports that require locomotor skill is something they could no longer teach their grandchildren. They can however play with them checkers or chess as this only requires analytical skills. So this set is not only for adults and children but perfect for multigenerational families.



Best Choice Products 10 in 1





Triumph 4 in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table


If you want a table where you can play different games this one is for you. To change the table, you need to rotate it and you will have the board of the game you want to play. There are four games you can play with just one table. The good thing is that all the accessories are already included when you buy Triumph 4 in-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table. You do not have to worry about where you will get the accessories to need to play pool or table tennis or launch football since they are included. The different features of the table may seem difficult to use but it is equipped with a centralized airflow so playing air hockey means that there is still a consistent airflow.







How to choose the right kid’s air hockey table?



It is important to consider the size of the table you are buying. Not everyone has a huge house or a huge space to put the table. Aside from where you put the table, it is also important to consider the space around the table. The players must be able to have enough space to move around. While air hockey is an indoor game, players still have to move around. Finding a more spacious room is great so you would have more freedom in choosing the size of the table but if you do not have one, make sure to choose the right dimension of the table or you cannot move too much while playing the game.
Mini tables come in different features such as electronic scoring and the interchangeable table surface. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose from the endless features that mini tables can offer. Some tables even show reflective LED lights which indicate whether you have scored or not. Electronic scoring could be something you might want to consider since what is a little sport without being competitive? Some would prefer the physical features of the table when looking for a table. The type of surfaces could matter to players. Some surfaces are easier for amateur players. Some of the mini tables have interchangeable surfaces so depending on the level of the player, they can choose which is well suited for them to play on. Even the edges of the table sometimes matter. If there are small kids around, a curvier edge is preferable as this is more child friendly. So as someone who wants to consider buying mini tables, you might want to consider the features you want.
This is not just how much you are willing to pay. You also have to remember that price also entails materials used, features, and size. The more expensive the mini air hockey table, the more features it has. The materials used for the more expensive table often complement the features of the table. The price range for a mini air hockey table could be between 100 – 1000 USD. So the price you are willing to pay could also affect the feature of the mini table you would want to get.
Always consider the airflow when buying the mini air hockey table, and always consider the stability of the airflow. The game is best well played if the air is strong and reliable. The movement of the puck is smoother if the airflow is consistent. If you had been using the table for some time and there are dead spots that start to appear, you can always fix it by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. This will suck all the dust and dirt stuck in those small holes.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you use mini tables outdoors?
Due to the air holes on the table, your table should remain indoors or it might catch more dust and might be clogged up. Some surfaces of the table are also not great getting exposed to the heat of the sun. This could result in discoloration. While there are air hockey tables that could be used outdoors, it is still not advisable to leave them outside for a long time. These tables are not meant to withstand harsh weather so using them indoors is always the better option.
Is it possible to assemble the air hockey table on your own?
Yes, it is possible to create a DIY mini air hockey table. If you are willing to spend a few hundred hours to create one, you can always do so. However, it is always cheaper to buy one. There is plenty of reason why it is better to buy one than to make one. The biggest reason would be that you do not have to spend hours making it. The time you have to spend researching how to do it and looking for materials you want to use would eat a lot of time. Let alone the equipment you will be needing to create the table, it is much easier and cheaper to buy one.
What is the best mini tables in the market?
Depending on what you want, there are plenty of options in the market. Each person has their preference on what they want from an air hockey table. If you buy one, make sure to list down the features you might want in your mini air hockey table before deciding which table you want. It is difficult to suggest which one is the best as there are a lot of things to consider and this differs from one person to the other. The list above is the best in the market so you can start choosing from these options.
Why is buying new mini tables better than buying a second-hand one?
There are several reasons why you should always buy a new one. First, is the warranty. As long as it is still within the period of warranty, you are assured that you always have a chance to get assistance in case your table would have any issues. Second, since it is brand new, you would have more time to use it. It would have a longer life span since it had never been used. So you are assured that it is straight from the manufacturer and that all of its parts are functioning. If it is not, then you can always return it as part of the warranty. The assurance of having a new one is better than buying a second hand and you are not sure if it is still in good condition or not.





Don’t underestimate the power of mini air hockey tables – these compact wonders pack the punch of excitement in a small package. Bringing fast-paced action to your fingertips, they’re an investment in endless fun and friendly competition. Imagine the joy of quick matches, the thrill of scoring goals, and the convenience of having this entertainment hub right at home. Compact doesn’t mean compromising on the experience; it means maximizing the fun. So, why wait? Take the plunge and bring home a mini air hockey table – a worthy investment for an ultimate gaming experience that fits perfectly into your world.





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