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The 10 Best Professional Air Hockey Tables to Buy in 2023

professional air hockey tables

Anyone planning to build the perfect man cave or games room in 2023 needs the very best gaming tables to bring people together. An air hockey table is perfect because it is a simple but competitive game anyone can enjoy. You can set one up in the middle of a games room and gather around for tournaments as you catch up with friends.

Some quality brands are putting their all into designing tables with enough class or entertaining features to make an impression. But, what are the best professional air hockey tables to buy in 2023?





Dynamo Air Hockey Tables



Most of the tables that we recommend for your game room come from the Dynamo range. This brand is a great choice if you want a high-end grown-up table for a games room. The designers put a lot of care and attention into creating the very best wooden tables that are sturdy vocal points within the room. Guests are going to want to come and inspect these models straight away – probably with an envious look in their eyes. Another reason why we love these tables is that they are American-built, originating from their Richland Hills, Texas warehouse. This includes hand-staining on all the wooden features.

There are some standard features that you can expect from all Dynamo tables, which highlights their consistency and quality. This includes the impact-resistant playing field on top, the high-volume blower for gameplay, and the reinforced structure of the cabinet around the table. There are also standard dimensions of 83-inches long, 43-inches wide, and 30-inches high. Each table is smooth, quiet and a joy to play on. However, there are lots of different designs to suit different moods and themes for your man cave. So, let’s take a look at their best designs and see whether they are right for you.


If you’re looking for other great air hockey brands, check out the lovely Eastpoint (NHL) Air Hockey Collection.


1) Dynamo Arch Air Hockey Table


This first model is a great choice if you want something attractive but fairly understated. There are models below that are more imposing or ornate, but this one does just enough to look inviting without dominating the room. The name arch refers to the curved arch of wood that softens the look of this table. This runs between the legs on all four sides for visually appealing symmetry. As with all of these tables, there are various stain finish options to suit your room and preferences. In this case, the timeless look of the cabinet would work in dark and light tones, although the pale laminate table looks nicer against the darker ones.

Dynamo Arch Air Hockey Table



If you;’re looking for something smaller, check out these minuscule air hockey tables.


2) Dynamo Venetian Air Hockey Table



Again, the name of the air hockey table gives a lot away about the design. While the Arch is more timeless and works in a contemporary room, this one has more of a classical look. There is more detailed shaping to the legs, with an attractive design at either end beneath the goal area. You can once again pick a stain that you think suits the design or that simply matches other furnishings within the room. An added benefit here is that you get more space underneath the air hockey table because you don’t have those arches in the way.

Dynamo Venetian Air Hockey Table





To be prepared for the pros, go through the rules and regulations to know about air hockey integral for gameplay.


3) Dynamo Rustic Air Hockey Table



They weren’t kidding when they said rustic here. The design is striking compared to the other more old-fashioned and upper-class models on offer. This one is great if you have a more rough-and-ready games room at home, perhaps with its own bar. Somewhere where you don’t mind the odd spilled beer and chips crumbs. The standout feature is the use of metalwork, with prominent brackets and bolts. This air hockey table looks great with the crossed planks on the side. Because of this, you are better off with a paler stain to show off these features and the grain of the wood.

Dynamo Rustic Air Hockey Table




Get some Professional air hockey pucks to go along with these tables.


4) Dynamo Scottsdale Air Hockey Table



With this table, we have gone in a completely different direction in terms of style. The old-fashioned legs with the clawed feet look like they belong in a stately home somewhere before air hockey was even invented. This air hockey table is great if you want a more high-class establishment for a games room and have antique furniture to match. This is where the hand-carving on these tables really shines. The cabinet is very tactile. Also, a design like this with four legs rather than a more solid cabinet means no more bashing your legs or feet as you play.

Dynamo Scottsdale Air Hockey Table





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5) Dynamo Reagan Air Hockey Table



This is one of the best professional air hockey tables that looks grand and high-class. In some ways, it is a little outdated, but that provides another charm where the table could pass as something with prestige or interesting history. There is something presidential to the clean but masculine lines of the pillared legs – which explains why it has the name Reagan. You could see officials taking time out in the White House over this. Maybe you will be able to settle your own disputes or business deals over this table in your game room.

Dynamo Reagan Air Hockey Table




Try this air hockey alternative with this unique Bubble Hockey Tables.


6) Dynamo Worthington Air Hockey Table



In some ways, there are similarities between this Worthington model and the Reagan one. There are four pillar legs and a more understated cabinet design so it doesn’t take up the same amount of space. However, the woodwork on this one is more intricate and looks like it would be right at home in an old country club. This is best seen in the inset pieces across the cabinet and the two-tone effect on the paneling. This is where those choices of stains really pay off because you can get some nice rich red tones. The legs are also a little prettier as they taper down to the feet.

Dynamo Worthington Air Hockey Table




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7) Dynamo Astoria Air Hockey Table



Finally, for Dynamo, we have something that looks a little out of place compared to the old-fashioned games room pieces above. If you are looking for a more modern and sleek alternative to those heavy and dark tables, this could be for you. This is as minimal as it gets, with a thinner cabinet design and four straight legs. This will look great in a room with a cleaner, lighter feel, especially with paler wood stains. An interesting extra feature here is the abacus scoring system inlaid into the side. This is very useful and adds extra interest to the product.

DYNAMO Astoria Air Hockey Table




Another big name in air hockey is the Infamous MD Sports Collection, do give a view of their items.



Alternative Brands Of Air Hockey Tables For 2023


Of course, there are more brands out there than just Dynamo. As much as we love Dynamo cabinet air hockey tables for those grown-up tournaments, they aren’t right for all families. With this in mind, we have three more recommendable products that take the gameplay in an alternative direction. The first comes from Baron Games, with a more over-the-top arcade feel, and the others are family-friendly air hockey tables from Fat Cat.


8) Baron Games Quadair Hockey Table – Galaxy Collision



This air hockey table is on the complete opposite end of the scale to those old-fashioned cabinet tables. Here, you get a massive arcade-style table that is suitable for up to 4 players at a time. This allows for greater competition, as long as you have enough space for the machine. As it is an arcade table, you also get more lights and sounds to increase engagement and spur on competitors. This includes the overhead lighting system with the scoreboard. A fun feature is the patented goal gates that close when a player is eliminated. This table is expensive because of the extra features and scale, but you do get lots of mallets and pucks with it.



Baron Games Quadair Hockey Table





If you’re looking for better value for money, I’d suggest browsing the Atomic air hockey Itinerary.


9) Fat Cat Volt Led Illuminated Air Hockey Table



Moving onto Fat Cat now, we have something with a similar style in terms of engaging features. You get lots of lights and sounds, including the Volt music system that syncs up with the LED and scoreboard. This is meant to make the table more suitable for teens and kids, who might not appreciate the classic Dynamo tables so much. Although it is cheaper and looks like it with the construction of the legs and graphics, it is still powerful and fun to play. The dimensions are close to those of the adult Dynamo tables too, at 83-inches long, 42-inches wide, and 31 inches tall.

Air Hockey Tables Review





10) Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7′ Air Hockey Table



Finally, we have what Fat Cat call their Premier table with its 7-foot-long playing surface. They are again keen to point out the power of this model for uninterrupted gameplay. There is a 110v motor for strong airflow and a smooth laminate surface. The Storm graphics on this are appealing to the key demographic. Although it is a more high-end model, you still get lots of lights from the rim and the LED scoreboard. This board is adjustable via voice control and includes a timer for either 10 or 15-minute games.

Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7’ Air Hockey Table




Which Is The Best Professional Air Hockey Table For You?


Hopefully, one of these tables suits your needs going forward into 2023. There is a lot to like about the grown-up Dynamo tables, especially with so many classic hand-made cabinet designs on offer. But, if you want to build a family game room instead, the lights, timers, and competitive feel of the Fat Cat models are the way forward. Of course, if you have the budget and space, you can always splash out on something like the Baron Games arcade table. Either way, there are plenty of options in the best professional air hockey tables for 2023.



Professional Air Hockey Tables FAQs



Is a 7-foot air hockey table big enough?
Size does matter when choosing a table. You don’t want something too small that feels cramped, nor something too big if kids are playing. Regulation-size tables are 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. The ones in this guide are around 7-foot long and comfortable to play on.
Are wooden tables better than plastic?
The materials used can make a big difference too. Wooden products are solid and supportive for competitive play but can be very heavy and pricey. Plastic legs are easy to pick up but less durable and stable.
Should you use digital or manual scoring systems?
It depends on the vibe of the room and who is playing. Digital scoreboards recreate the arcade feel for a sensory experience and are more fun for teenagers and kids. The best ones will update the scores and eliminate cheating too. But, manual scoring, such as the abacus system, looks so much nicer on a high-end table.
Do tables come with pucks and mallets?
Not always. It depends on the style of the table and if you are getting a more comprehensive package. Some of the high-end cabinet tables are purely about providing a quality playing surface. The tables for teens and family gaming rooms may throw in pucks, mallets, and other helpful tools. Check the product description to see what is on offer.
Are air hockey tables loud?
The best professional air hockey tables shouldn’t be too loud unless you have electronic sounds and music systems, such as in the arcade-style models. The classic wooden tables may make a little bit of noise from the motors generating the airflow, but this shouldn’t be too noticeable. If a table becomes noisy over time, the fans and surface may need a cleaning.
How do I make my air hockey table slippery again?
Over time, these tables can become less slippery, making it harder to get the shots you want. Cleaning the table regularly can help, as does spraying it with silicone lubricant. If you are lucky, you might find that companies include some in the package.
Are professional air hockey tables worth the high price?
Absolutely. If you want a high-end table that looks great, has a professional playing surface and holds up for a long time, you will need to pay more. However, you still need to be sure that you are paying for quality items that offer a lot of value.



Buyers Guide



Precision Craftsmanship
The heart of a professional air hockey table lies in its precision craftsmanship. Every detail, from the smoothness of the play surface to the quality of the blower system, is meticulously designed to ensure lightning-fast puck movement and accurate rebounds. This precision translates to a heightened level of gameplay, allowing you to refine your skills and compete at a professional level.
Powerful Blower System
The blower system is the powerhouse behind the exhilarating speed of a professional air hockey table. A robust and efficient blower ensures consistent air flow across the entire play surface, minimizing dead spots and providing the perfect cushion for the puck to glide effortlessly. This feature is essential for maintaining the high-paced, dynamic gameplay that defines professional air hockey matches.
Responsive Touch Screen Controls
Modern professional air hockey tables often feature touch screen controls, adding a contemporary edge to your gaming experience. These intuitive controls allow you to adjust game settings, track scores, and even activate special features with just a touch. The convenience of touch screen controls enhances your overall engagement, giving you more control over your game and contributing to an immersive experience.
Durable Construction
Professional-level play demands a table that can withstand intense competition. Look for tables constructed from durable materials like high-quality wood or composite materials. Sturdy legs, reinforced frames, and durable play surfaces are crucial for withstanding the rigors of frequent gameplay, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.
Advanced Scoring Systems
Sophisticated scoring systems are a hallmark of professional air hockey tables. These systems provide accurate score tracking and game timing, often with LED displays that keep you updated in real-time. Such precision in scoring enhances the competitive atmosphere and allows players to focus solely on their strategies and gameplay.
Ergonomic Design
Ergonomics play a pivotal role in professional air hockey tables. Tables designed with player comfort in mind ensure that your body posture is optimal for gameplay. This reduces fatigue during long matches, enabling you to maintain peak performance and concentration throughout your sessions.






Elevate your gaming with a professional air hockey table – the pinnacle of excitement and precision. Crafted for lightning-fast play, durable construction, and modern touch screen controls, it’s an investment in unforgettable competition. Imagine the rush of gliding pucks, the thrill of mastering angles, and the camaraderie of intense matches. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an immersive experience that transforms your space into a hub of excitement. With every goal, you’ll feel the satisfaction of owning a piece of gaming excellence. Embrace the ultimate gaming journey with a professional air hockey table – your gateway to a world of exhilaration.


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