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5 Full Size Air Hockey Tables for a Luxury Game Room

full size air hockey tables

Air hockey tables have the potential to bring a lot of fun and excitement into a games room. But, with so many different models and styles out there, you need to make sure you get the best table possible for your space. There are some amazing concepts out there, from old-school arcade tables that offer a sense of nostalgia, to more intense set-ups with alternative game-play features. You can even get some convertible multi-game tables.


The following 5 full-sized air hockey tables are some of the best around right now and cover various styles and needs.


Each has its pros and cons, but hopefully, one of these is a good match for your games room. Let’s start with a classic.



1) Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7′ Air Hockey Table


If this is your first full size air hockey table and you simply want a table you remember from your childhood, this is a great place to start. This table has that classic design many of us lean towards and isn’t too over-the-top or intimidating for new players. There is a clean white tabletop design with blue graphics and lines to replicate a hockey rink. This sits on a highly polished MDF surface for a smooth surface. From there, the powerful motor ensures optimal airflow. As with most of these tables, you’re looking at a 110V motor for 80 cubic feet of air per minute.


One of the more interesting features here is the inclusion of a timer on the digital scoring system. This isn’t guaranteed with all tables but can add to the excitement as the final seconds tick down. You can choose between 10 and 15-minute games, which is great for kids when you don’t want them playing too long. Also, if you want to turn off the lights and noise for a bit, you can switch to manual scoring.

Otherwise, the features are more limited than some of the other tables in this guide, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You get enough pushers and pucks to ensure that everyone can play, with spares in case one goes flying across the room. There is also the bonus of the levelers on the strong support legs. These adjustable feet help you achieve a more level playing surface in carpeted rooms. After all, you don’t want gravity giving one player an edge.





2) Fat Cat Volt Led Illuminated Air Hockey Table




This next option is similar in many respects because you have a traditional air hockey playing surface on a simple base with the most essential accessories and features. It comes with pushers and pucks so you can get started straight away, and there are small goal areas at each end. A downside to this simplicity is the lack of any storage solution, but you can just keep the accessories in the goals when you aren’t playing.




What makes this model stand out over the classic version above is the old-school design. The creators put a lot of thought into how to make this appealing to older players that want a piece of their childhood in their at-home gaming room. This is a gorgeous illuminated retro machine. There are lights around the edge in a rainbow of colors to make the game more fun. The combination of the black, grey, and orange lines looks right out of the 1980s. Meanwhile, the curved legs add to the style while giving players more room to move at each end.




There are some great features here, with the digital light-up scoring system really adding to the fun. There is a basic home and visitor system with LED numbers that rack up the points with ease. This comes with the option for sounds as required, and it is nice to be able to turn them off after a while. Although this one doesn’t come with anything special compared with the Storm model, the design features and nostalgia evoked may be enough to give it that extra appeal in the right household.

full size air hockey tables 



3) Barron Games Quadair Hockey Table – Galaxy Collision




Let’s move on to something completely different. This is a more extreme arcade-style air hockey table than the classic models above. For a start, this one accommodates more people over a wider area. You can have up to 4 players over this large 78 x 78 x 31-inch table, allowing for competitive family games. It comes with more than enough pucks and pushers for everyone and the design and scoring system ensures a level playing field.




Then there is the unique approach to the gameplay. There is a clever gate system here that opens when a player has all their credits and lives and closes when they run out or time is up. Each player has 5 lives to defend their galaxy from the incoming threat of the invading ship/puck. It is a completely different take on the game that makes it more refreshing for those bored of the usual back-and-forth style. There are beautiful graphics on the tabletop to compliment the theme, with the broad view of space in its deep blue tones. You also get quite the sensory experience with the LED lights and music, as there is the option to add an overhead topper for additional lighting if you have space.




There is no doubt that this is an over-the-top option for an at-home games room. A lot of the features here are designed with commercial gaming rooms in mind instead. Not only do those locking games favor a credit-based style of gaming, but the model comes with 4 coin comparators for the credits. The machine is also pretty expensive because of these features. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to rig this up at home and use the system to your advantage. It all depends on whether you have the space and running costs to handle it.



full size air hockey tables 




4) Fat Cat Original 2-In-1, 7′ Pockey Multi-Game Table




You might be a little uncertain about getting an air hockey table if you are short on space at home, especially when your friends love billiards. So, the ideal solution here is to find a suitable 2-in-1 model. This one starts off with a great full size air hockey table. You get a 110v motor for that smooth surface, a manual scorer, and your pucks and pushers. These come in red to match the graphics on the red and white tabletop.




From there, you can flip the table around to reveal the cushioned billiard table, with its deep green surface. Again, this has all the right built-in features for a competitive game, with ample pockets and effective rubber bumpers. This design is a really convenient way to switch between games and save on space. There is no need to remove any playing surfaces and keep them somewhere out of the way, where they could get damaged. A bonus is that the table locks in place really easily with the latch, so won’t tilt mid-shot.




Another benefit here is the great storage solution, with racks on the side for the accessories. You get a lot with this table, including the triangle, chalk, and all the balls. There is also a cue rack inset into the base out of the way. The biggest downside is the design. It is not the best looking visually because of the chunky black legs and base, but this is needed for the strong pivoting mechanism. There are also no arcade features like lights or sounds as this is more of a “classy” option for a gaming room. Kids might not be as impressed, but your friends should be.








5) Fat Cat 3-In-1 6′ Flip Multi-Game




Finally, if a 2-in-1 table isn’t enough for a comprehensive games room, then how about a 3-in-1 table? This one starts off with the 2-in-1 table that you get with the model above. There are the same air hockey and billiards surfaces, so you know you’re getting quality. You can then flip them over with the same pivot and locks to make it easy to switch games.


The difference here comes in the additional table tennis tabletop. This adds a whole new game to enhance tournaments and is a high-quality piece. The blue surface with its built-in net sits on top of the air hockey table with ease and fits on the base beneath when not in use. It is strong, level, and should have a good enough bounce.


Conceptually, this table is great for a competitive games room. However, there are some concerns about the design. The table tennis element is separate and needs to be moved and stored as needed. This runs the risk of it getting damaged, especially if it’s kicked while laying on the base. Also, the storage solution on the side is not quite the same as the 2-in-1 table. You end up with a lot packed into some recessed containers, rather than using specific hooks and spaces for each item. This is potentially an issue when there are additional accessories with the bats and ball for table tennis.


full size air hockey tables 







Frequently Asked Questions About Games Room Air Hockey Tables


How much space do you need for a full-size air hockey table?
A lot. That is why it is important to check the dimensions and allow for around 3ft of clearance on all sides. These tables are 7ft long, apart from that 4-player model. This is pretty standard, but you can find 8ft regulation tables and compact 6ft ones too.
What is a good air hockey playing surface?
One reason that these tables are so popular and effective is the playing surface. You need a smooth polished surface on a strong MDF board to create the motion you are looking for. Of course, the artwork on top adds to the fun.
Are LED scoreboards better than manual ones?
The downside of LED boards is that they can get bright and noisy, which also means extra energy costs. However, the clear numerals make it easy for everyone to see who is in the lead. It is also more accurate than trying to keep score manually.
Are 2-in-1 game tables good value?
They can be when they are well-made and offer everything you need in one box. The convertible models here are a great example because of the built-in playing surfaces that flip over and lock in place with ease. You can get more enjoyment out of one table when you don’t have to spend ages removing and adding surfaces.
Are they expensive to run?
Potentially. The more power they need to run effectively, the more costly they get. This increases when you have additional lighting, gameplay features, and other electronic elements. Keep this in mind when looking at the prices of these high-end tables.
Do you need to buy the accessories separately?
You shouldn’t have to do this when buying a top air hockey table, especially when going for a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 solution. You should have all the pucks and pushers you need ready to go – ideally with some handy storage solutions built-in. Billiard table elements should have balls, cues, a triangle, and chalk. Table tennis elements should have the net, ball, and paddles.



Buyers Guide


Take your time to figure out which is the best approach for your room, double-check all the dimensions and specifications, and see how these high-end gaming tables can transform recreational time with friends and family.


This shortlist of the top air hockey tables shows that there is a broad range of styles out there. Anyone looking for that classic gameplay for the occasional game with friends will love the retro feel of the standard models. However, the 4-player option could be just what you need to shake things up. If you like the idea of the classic style, but aren’t sure you have room in a multi-game set-up, you can always try one of the convertible models to bring in more gaming options in a compact table.


Table Size
Choose a full-size air hockey table that fits your available space and provides ample room for players to move around comfortably. Standard sizes range from 7 to 8 feet in length, ensuring an exciting gaming experience for both casual players and enthusiasts.
Air Flow Technology
Look for air hockey tables equipped with powerful and even air flow technology. Consistent and uniform airflow across the entire playfield ensures smooth puck gliding, minimizing friction and enhancing the overall game speed and excitement.
Durability and Build Quality
Opt for tables constructed with sturdy materials such as high-quality MDF or hardwood. Reinforced leg supports and robust frame design will ensure the table’s stability during intense gameplay and make it more resistant to wear and tear over time.
Scoring System
Consider tables with electronic scoring systems that automatically track the score, allowing for a hassle-free and accurate gaming experience. Some models even come with sound effects and LED displays, adding to the excitement of the game.
Puck and Paddle Set
Aim for a table that includes a set of high-quality pucks and paddles. Smooth paddles with comfortable grips and well-designed pucks will enhance player control and responsiveness during gameplay.
Table Surface and Graphics
Look for air hockey tables with a smooth and even playing surface. A visually appealing graphics design not only adds to the fun but also helps players track the puck more easily during fast-paced matches.
Leg Levelers
Tables equipped with adjustable leg levelers ensure that the playing surface remains even on uneven floors. This feature allows you to achieve optimal gameplay conditions and prevent any disruptions during matches.
Portability and Storage
For those with limited space, consider foldable or portable air hockey tables that can be easily stored when not in use. This feature makes them ideal for apartments, smaller game rooms, or situations where the table needs to be moved occasionally.


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